Dear Ms. Lan,

Thank you kindly for the document, all the details are indeed correct. Thank you very much for, again (the third time), excellent service. I will recommend you to everyone.

Best regards,



Mr Diederik Struving (29 Sep 2016)

Okay, thank you so much for your help. We will have the letter printed and will be in Vietnam this Monday!

Mr James Scott from Canada (29 Sep 2016)

Thank you very much for the great service!

I have checked the letter and all information is correct.

Thank you for the fast and friendly service! I will be recommending your service from now on.

Thank you,



Michael Bables (29 Sep 2016)

Everything worked out perfectly! Thank you so much for your great services and your constant support! I will choose you for my visa the next time too! Take care!

Mr Konstantinos Fragkiskos (29 Sep 2016)