Hi Ms. Anh,

 These details look good to me! Thank you for the detailed instructions as to next steps.

 All the best,

Bethany Betzler

Ms. Bethany Betzler (06 Dec 2017)

Hi Ms. Lan Anh,

All details are correct. Thank you very much for the support.



Mr. Ramkumar (05 Dec 2017)


Hi Ms Lan Anh,

Thank you for the document.


Mr. Balaram (04 Dec 2017)



Yes all the information looks correct.

Thank you!


Mr. Kyle Rolofson (04 Dec 2017)

All info is correct.

Thank you again for your great service.

Always great.

Thank you,


Mr. Oliver Dixon (29 Nov 2017)


Many thanks for the help.

The information on the letter is correct.

Kind regards,


Mr. Servet Nadirler (27 Nov 2017)

Good Morning,

All is excellent - thank you for great service :)

Mr. Georges Farah (23 Nov 2017)

It looks good.  Thank you very much!


Mr. Mark Wong (21 Nov 2017)

Dear Ms Lan,

Thank you very much for the fast service.

Joerg Kullwitz

Mr. Joerg Kullwitz (21 Nov 2017)

Hi Lan,

Thank you, all information are correct.



Ms. Elaine de Leon (21 Nov 2017)


Dear Ms Lan Anh,

I have received the letter and all the details are correct.



Ms. Natalie Williams (16 Nov 2017)

Thank you. It was a pleasure working with you. Exited about my visit to your beautiful country!

Mary Beth Akemann.

San Diego, CA.

Ms. Mary Beth Akemann (08 Nov 2017)

The visa is correct
Thank you for fast respond

Ms. Liu Cherri (07 Nov 2017)


It looks good! Thank you so much! So quick!


Mr. Morgan Miholics (04 Nov 2017)

Dear Lan anh

Thank you for your reply
Ill put my travel dates, take approval letter and 25 USD with 2 photographs.
Thank you for your all your help


Ms. Shawn Humpulus (01 Nov 2017)

Thank you, Ms. Lan.

All is in order.

Best regards,

Sharon Williams

Mr. Sharon Williams (31 Oct 2017)


Everything is correct. Thank you for the letter!



Ms. Michelle (28 Oct 2017)

Dear Ms Anh,

I confirm that the letter is ok, and thanks for the informations, I have printed everything and will prepare everything accordingly.

Best regards,

Matthieu Canto


Mr. Matt Canto (27 Oct 2017)

Hi Yen Ha,

My mom and I are now back in Bangkok. Thank you for the excellent visa service when we were in Saigon.

We’re planning to return to Saigon again at the end of February, after Têt. I will be in touch at the beginning of the year for the visa arrangements.



Mr. Denis N (26 Oct 2017)

Hi Ms Lan Anh,

All information on Visa Letter is correct.

Do I need to get 2 passport sized photos and bring them with me upon arrival at Airport?




Mr. Donal Hodnett (24 Oct 2017)