I received the letter and all of the information is correct.

Thank you.


Ms. Jessica Luthy [ (08 Apr 2018)


Dear Anh,

Thanks a lot for your support. I am impressed by the speed of processing the letter.


Mr. Tayyab Shahbaz from Pakistan (30 Mar 2018)

Thank you very much for the prompt service


Mr. Uppili Sridhar (29 Mar 2018)

Hi Lan Anh,

 The letter looks okay. Thanks for the help and the prompt service.


Ms. Pooja Seth Pal (28 Mar 2018)

Ms Lan Anh,

Thank you so much!

 Have a nice weekend!

 Best regards,

Sheng Li

Mr. Li Sheng (19 Mar 2018)

Perfect, thanks very much for the help


Mr Timothy William Robinson (16 Mar 2018)

Hello Mrs Lan,

I did applied before I met your guide, he came and we fixed everything.

I got my visa and I arrived in my hotel Now.

Thanks for your help and your prompt action for me to get into my plane.

 I will remember it for my next trip.

 Best regards,Bien cordialement,Atentamente,

Mr. Bertrand NICOLAS (13 Mar 2018)

I 've got my one year visa fee minutes ago, everything was perfect.

Thank you again!

Mr. Nikita (13 Mar 2018)


Thank you for the approval letter.

I have checked the details and they are all correct.

Thank you.

Mr Wai Yuen Fu (12 Mar 2018)

Thank you very much
From Pakistan

Mr. Mr. Azeem Muhammad (09 Mar 2018)


All information in the letter is correct, thank you very much.


Ekaterina Samorukova

Ms Ekaterina Samorukova (09 Mar 2018)

Dear Lan,

Thanks a lot for your immense help and quick assistance. It is much appreciated.

Greetings to Vietnam.



Ms Eva Haisova (05 Mar 2018)

Hello Lan,

Thank you Lan for your professionalism and efficiency.  I am sure you must be an asset your company.  I am leaving to India next week and from there I will be going to Bangkok and then on my way to your country.  i hope to see you on any of the tours you plan for us

We are back in the US and thank you for a wonderful arrangements you made. I had written about you on Trip Advisor, please visit this link and scroll down

Thank you for all your help and visit us in Washington DC when you happen to be here

Best wishes

Manny Lakshman

Mr. Manny (02 Mar 2018)

Thank you Lan Anh
Always appreciate 

Mr. Kim Donghoon (28 Feb 2018)

Thanks Lan
You've been very helpful

Mr. Tuan Dang (26 Feb 2018)

Got it, cám ơn nhiều😊


Mr. Travis Young (24 Feb 2018)


Yes I can confirm that the details are correct.

Thank you

Ms. v (23 Feb 2018)

Thank you so much. Everything OK.

We will follow the instructions.

Kind regards.


Mr Van Capelle Hendrik (22 Feb 2018)

Hello Ms Lan Anh,

Everything looks correct. Thank you very much!


Eunice Sioson

Ms. Eunice Sioson (22 Feb 2018)

Thank you very much. The information on the visa letter looks correct.

Kind regards,


Ms. Ginny Kao (22 Feb 2018)