Thank you so much. Everything OK.

We will follow the instructions.

Kind regards.


Mr Van Capelle Hendrik (22 Feb 2018)

Hello Ms Lan Anh,

Everything looks correct. Thank you very much!


Eunice Sioson

Ms. Eunice Sioson (22 Feb 2018)

Thank you very much. The information on the visa letter looks correct.

Kind regards,


Ms. Ginny Kao (22 Feb 2018)

Thank you Lan Anh, the information is correct.

As before I greatly appreciate your excellent service:)


Mr. Jacob Schenkel (20 Feb 2018)

Dear Ms Lan Anh,

Thank you very much. I got an approval letter - information is correct.

Kind regards

Eugenijus Maziulis

Mr. Eugenijus Maziulis (14 Feb 2018)

Thank you very much for everything you have done for me.

One day I will do my Residency for Vietnam 🇻🇳 ok. Thank you

Kindest regards,

Gary J Lee

Mr. Gary Lee (07 Feb 2018)

Good evening,

This information is correct, thank you.

Kind Regards

Brogan McCabe

Ms. Brogan McCabe (06 Feb 2018)


Thank you very much, Lan! We look forward to our trip!

Ms. Tracy Graham (31 Jan 2018)

Thank you Lan for your professionalism and efficiency. I am sure you must be .an asset your company. I am leaving to India next week and from there I will be going to Bangkok and then on my way to your country. i hope to see you on any of the tours you plan for us

Best wishes

Manny Lakshman

Mr. Manny Lakshman (25 Jan 2018)


Dear Ms Lan Anh,

Everything is ok. Thank you!

Best regards,

Stojanka Mitic

Ms. Stojanka Mitic (25 Jan 2018)

Hi Lan Anh

Everything looks great. Thank you very much for your help.

Best wishes,


Mr John Heavey (21 Jan 2018)

Hi Lan,

Thanks a lot for the letter. The information is correct.



Mr Shreyansh Jain (16 Jan 2018)

Mr Dozet (16 Jan 2018)

Hello Ms Lan Anh,

Received the visa. Everything is correct.


Mr Karl (16 Jan 2018)

Hello Ms Anh

Thank you so much

All details are correct.



Mr Trent B (15 Jan 2018)

Dear Ms Lan Anh.

Thank you very much for the visa approval letters that you sent to day, just to cofirm that our port of arrival is Ho Chi Minh City on the letters.

Kind regards

Graham Metcalf.

Mr. Graham Metcalf (12 Jan 2018)


Hello everything looks correct thank you🙏

Sent from my iPhone

Mr. Richard Kumm (12 Jan 2018)

Dear Ms Lan Anh,

Thank you for all your help! Have a great day.



Mr. Skylar Thorne Kelly (11 Jan 2018)

Dear Ms Lan,

Thank you so much for your help, all the information in the letter is correct.

I have a question about the entry form we have to fill out, there is a section that asks about siblings, do we really have to list our siblings/family members?

Thank you!



Ms. Claudia (10 Jan 2018)


It looks good thank you!

Ms. Sarah Frances Kelleher (10 Jan 2018)