hi there looks like all informations correct
I confirm this visa letter
thank you very much

Mr Levent & Mr Ugur Demirel from Turskey (27 Nov 2018)

Hi Lan, hope you are very well. Just to say that I have arrived back in the UK after a wonderful three weeks in Vietnam and Cambodia. The letter of approval was excellent and we received our visas in 20 minutes from the Visa On Arrival Desk. We did so many great things in Hi Chi Minh and Hanoi. We had many great meals including an excellent meal in Propaganda in Ho Chi Minh City. Halong Bay was beautiful. Thanks again for all your help. I really appreciate it!!!

Mr Gordon Ian Clark & Family from UK (26 Nov 2018)

Recieved the visa - thank you! Could you please send me info on a Ha Long Bay tour? We are looking to do a 2day boat tour.

VoA Urgent on Saturday 

Mr Tom Roby from USA (19 Nov 2018)

Hi Lan,

Thank you for sending us the updated approval letter! We really appreciate it!
-Sarena & Vinnie

VoA Urgent on Sunday 

-Sarena & Vinnie from USA (19 Nov 2018)

Thank you so much for your help 🙏
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Urgent 15 minutes Visa approval letter 

Mr John Howard Haut from USA (16 Nov 2018)

Dear Ms. Anh,

Thanks for the visa.

Best regards,

Joshua Zeitman

Director of New Product Development

Gel Spice Company, Inc.

Mr Josh Zeitman from USA (16 Nov 2018)

Received, all looks correct. Thank you so much. I will keep you in mind if when we plan our excursions this week. I'll call you with any problems but from my wife's phone again, my phone struggles calling international.

Thanks again,

Mr Ian Guzy & Family from USA (15 Nov 2018)

Dear Ms. Lan Anh,

Thank you for the updated visa approval letter.


Roël (龙哥)

Mr Roel Dixon Mahatoo from Canada (15 Nov 2018)


Yes, very lucky!

I appreciate it and thank you for all your help to ensure we have all the correct information

Mr. Courtney Mar (15 Nov 2018)

Mr Joseph Tam & WIfe from Canada (13 Nov 2018)

Thanks for your email and all the information is correct :)
E-visa to Vietnam 

Mr Rahul Agarwal from Indian (09 Nov 2018)

Yes I did. That was a very fast service. Thank you very much. I will use your companies service again if all goes well.
Kind regards,
Bernard Adamson

Mr Bernard Adamson from UK (06 Nov 2018)

Dear Ms. Lan,

All details are correct. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Stephen Pitt-Walker

Mr. Stephen Pitt-Walker (01 Nov 2018)

Yes, everything is correct.

Thank you for your assistance


Mr. William (30 Oct 2018)

Aloha Ms Lan Anh,

Thank you very much, all information appears correct. Instructions are clear.

Most Respectfully.
Robert “Bob” Baudrau, Presiden

Mr. Bob Baudrau (27 Oct 2018)

Thank you. The letter looks OK to me. Appreciate very much for your quick response. Will post your good service on Tripadvisor forum.

Joseph Tam

Mr. Joseph Tam (23 Oct 2018)

Mr Ryan Peter Kilpatrick from UK (21 Oct 2018)

Mrs Shona Marc from Malaysia (21 Oct 2018)

Dear Lan Anh,
Thanks for the visa letter. All details look okay.

Ms Pooja Seth Pal (10 Oct 2018)

Hello, We have a very good time in Danang.
We liked driver very much. Thank you
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Mr Jim Garner & Family (04 Oct 2018)