Thank you! I have confirmed the information is correct. Thank you.

Mary Xiong


Ms Mary Xiong (15 Sep 2016)

I looked over the approval letter and everything looks good. thank you

Ms Geraldine Victor (15 Sep 2016)


Thank you very much - great service. 

Edmund Pimm


Mr. Ed Pimm (15 Sep 2016)


All the details are correct, thank you very much for your help.

All the best,



Mr Ben Sultanovic (19 Sep 2016)

Thank you very much, everything seems to be correct!

Many thanks


Ms Zoe Clark (20 Sep 2016)

Dear Ms Lan Anh

thank you for your speedy service.

You have sent me two emails with visa approval letter; are these the same letter?  I cannot tell any difference.  If you can let me know which one to check and let you know of errors would be very much appreciated.

Best regards



Ms Fiona Davies (20 Sep 2016)

Ms. Anh,

Thank you, All worked very well, and arrived safely to Hanoi, Visa issued.

Appreciate your support, Thank you .

Kind Regards



Mr Antony McNeil (21 Sep 2016)

Hi Ms. Lan,

Everything has been sorted and I just landed in Vietnam.

Thank you so much for your assistance.




Ms Olive Marie Sevilla (21 Sep 2016)

Dear Ms Anh, 

Received, thank you!  

Regards, Marc

By the way I referred my colleague Mr. Matthew Depetro to you for a visa, please take good care of him. - Marc


Mr Marc Joseph (22 Sep 2016)


All details are correct. 

Thank you once again for your great service.

Where can I write a review for your company? 

Thank you :)


Mr Oliver James Dixon (23 Sep 2016)

Dear Ms. Lan

I have received the visa approval letter yesterday evening by e-mail, thank you for your fast action.

Best; Naresh



I just paid the $14 USD service fee via paypal.

The information below is correct, I will look out for the Visa Approval Letter in my email inbox!



Ms Allison Michelle Bailey (24 Sep 2016)

Hi Ms. Lan,

Thank you for the approval letter. I have looked over the information and everything is correct. I'll make sure to follow the related steps and have everything prepared for when I arrive.

Thanks again,



Ms Anna Tran (25 Sep 2016)

Everything looks perfect. Thank you again for your help!

Perry James


Mr Perry James (25 Sep 2016)

Thanks Lan ANh. All correct.

You are the best!



Martin Karpowicz (25 Sep 2016)

Thank you, everything looks good.



Mr David Donald Eder (26 Sep 2016)

Hi Ms. Lan Anh,

Thank you so much for your help. This is way much faster than I expected. Actually this is the second time that I applied for a visa from your company, will definitely come back again.




Mr Chan Taylor (27 Sep 2016)

All the information looks correct. Thank you for the letter.

Christopher Robert Dodd (27 Sep 2016)

Yes all the information is correct thank you so much.

Thank you,



MrIan Kaiea Hikaru Chun (28 Sep 2016)

Thank you Ms Lan Anh!

you have been very helpful to me.

Marilu :0)

Ms Marilu Rintha Hernandez (28 Sep 2016)