Hi Yen Ha,

Thank you very much for the fast service. I await your letter and will look into other services before we leave.
Thank you very much,
Mr Jeffrey

Mr Jeffrey (08 Jul 2019)

Everything is correct in the letter.
We will print it and prepare our documents for the visa on arrival.
Thank you
Best regards

Mr Véronique (01 Jul 2019)

Thank you for your help, the approval letter just comes the perfect time. I feel so much better now. Thanks again.


Ms Thu (16 Jun 2019)

Hi ,
Apologies for that, thank you very much for changing it. I really appreciate it and thanks for all your help along the way.
Kind regards,
Catherine Taylor

Ms Catherine (10 Jun 2019)

Hi Yen Ha,
Sorry for the delayed response. Thank you for sending this. Everything looks correct to me.
Kind regards,

Mr Nicole (03 Jun 2019)

Wonderful,everything looks correct, and I have paid.
What happens next? Is there anything else I need to do?
Thank you!

Mr Kortney (13 May 2019)

Thank you for this, Yen Ha.

Received and all in order.

Mr Keith (10 May 2019)

Good day

Thank you very much

Everything looks in order.

I would like to thank you for your great service



Tracy Crocker 

Ms Tracy (10 May 2019)


Thank you for the visa.

Saptarshi Mitra

Mr Saptarshi Mitra (01 May 2019)

Okay, thank you very much for getting back with me. I thought it would probably be okay but I just wanted to make sure. Thank you for putting my mind at ease.

Ms Amy Carter (30 Mar 2019)

Thanks a lot for your help!
All the information is correct.
I hope you're having a good day.

Alex P.

Mr Alex (10 Mar 2019)

Dear Ms Yen Ha,

The approval letter looks perfect! Thank you for your help.
Jeanne Carmouche

Mr Jeanne Carmouche (10 Mar 2019)

Yes, I confirm that all the above information is correct. Thank you very much!
Best regards,


Mr Rebecca (08 Mar 2019)

Dear Ms Yen Ha,

Thank you. The information below is correct and I have paid via Onepay today.
best regards,

Markus Urschik

Mr Markus Urschik (06 Mar 2019)

Thank you, Ms Yen Ha, much appreciated!

Cheers, Lynne

Mr Lynne (05 Mar 2019)

Dear Ms Yen Ha,

Thank you for taking the Visa on Arrival letter. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. The information on the letter is correct.

Thank you for the detailed information about what is needed on the day we arrive in HCMC. Thanks once again for all you assistance.

Best regards,

Buhle Masithela (Ms)

Buhle Masithela (Ms) (02 Mar 2019)

Dear Ms Yen Ha,

Thank you very much for the approval letter.

Kind Regards

Simona Stakauskaite

Mr Simona Stakauskaite (01 Mar 2019)

Hi Minh,

The information below is correct. I’ll make sure I print the letter, have passport photos with me and $25 cash for visa stamp in Hanoi.

Thank you for your help!

Jonathan Fountain


Mr Jonathan (02 Mar 2019)


Ok great, thank you Minh.

I'll be in touch if I have any more questions!

Mrs. Elliot Barker (01 Mar 2019)

Dear Ms.Anh
Thanks for your letter.
Visa information are correct.

Mr Kim from Korea (21 Feb 2019)