Hello Lan, 

Thank you for you assistance.  All of the information on the visa approval letter is correct.    


Mr Evan Kane (04 Feb 2016)

Dear Mr. Ms Lan ANh

Thanks for sending the approval letter.

I checked the information and everything is correct.

Best Regards,

Rita Machado


Ms Rita Machado (06 Feb 2016)

Dear Minh, 

All the information is accurate. I wish to recommend your service very highly to all Vietnam bound travelers. The whole process, whereby I sent you the initial application, your response within hours, the smooth link/payment process, very reasonable fees, acknowledgement email from you and then the visa approval letter was all done within 2 days without a single hitch. Thank you so much for the excellent service. 



Mrs. Nisha (19 Feb 2016)


Everything is fine with this version!

thanks again for all your help, 

Kind Regards

Rebecca Kells 


Ms Rebecca Kells (25 Feb 2016)

Thank you very much for the excellent service. 

All the information is correct…. there are no mistakes. 

Thank you! 



Mr Alexander Bevan (01 Mar 2016)

Thank you, this is correct! I will follow the instructions you have mentioned.

Quinten Paterson 


Mr Quinten Paterson (12 Mar 2016)

Thank you Ms Lan.  

This email is to confirm that the information is all correct.  I appreciate your help and assistance in this matter.

Kind Regards



Ms Judy Marie Mahupuku (15 Mar 2016)

Hello again,

Everything looks good. The only thing is that we are arriving in Ho Chi Minh, as I had mentioned in my first response email. Is this correct in the visa?

Kind regards,



Ms Amanda Sue Mitchell (01 Apr 2016)

Hi Ms. Lan

Received and checked! Thank you for your assistance with this.

Warm Regards,



Mr Sharon Rodrigues (05 Apr 2016)


I checked the letter, and all the information looks correct.

Thank you very much for the help! 





Mr Samson (15 Apr 2016)

Thank you very much, I confirm that the details are correct and I've received the letter



Ms Louise Harvey (07 May 2016)

Dear Sirs,

I would like to confirm that I received the visa approval letter and all information is correct. Thank you a lot!

Best regards,

Sofiya Shukhova


Ms Sofiya Shukhova (16 May 2016)

Thank you for your quick replay and job well done :)

Warm regards,

Yordan Rusev 


Mr Yordan Rusev (19 May 2016)

Dear Ms. Lan,

Letter received with many thanks.




Mr Flavio Yamashita (27 May 2016)

Dear Ma Lan ANh

Thank you very much for your fast help. I've received the Visa and I'm reliefed now.

Thank you for your support.

Yours faithfully



Ms Marie-Lynn Attenhofer (09 Jun 2016)

Dear Ms. Lan ANh,

Thank you for the visa letter. I have checked and all details look fine. 

Thank you.




Mr Amal Dutt (27 Jun 2016)

Brilliant, that all looks great! Thank you so much.

Anna and Lauren


Ms Wardell Anna (28 Jun 2016)

Superb! Thank you very much again .

Excellent service




Mr Ilteris Oney (30 Jun 2016)

Dear Ms or Mr,

I confirm that all information on my visa are correct. Thank you for the fast and good process! 

Best wishes,



Mr Jannis Ulke (05 Jul 2016)

Dear Ms. Lan ANh,

everything is ok and I am happy to cooperate with you.


Wish you the best.

Tomas Palenik


Mr Tomas Palenik (08 Jul 2016)