Dear Ms. Lan,

Letter received with many thanks.




Mr Flavio Yamashita (27 May 2016)

Dear Ma Lan ANh

Thank you very much for your fast help. I've received the Visa and I'm reliefed now.

Thank you for your support.

Yours faithfully



Ms Marie-Lynn Attenhofer (09 Jun 2016)

Dear Ms. Lan ANh,

Thank you for the visa letter. I have checked and all details look fine. 

Thank you.




Mr Amal Dutt (27 Jun 2016)

Brilliant, that all looks great! Thank you so much.

Anna and Lauren


Ms Wardell Anna (28 Jun 2016)

Superb! Thank you very much again .

Excellent service




Mr Ilteris Oney (30 Jun 2016)

Dear Ms or Mr,

I confirm that all information on my visa are correct. Thank you for the fast and good process! 

Best wishes,



Mr Jannis Ulke (05 Jul 2016)

Dear Ms. Lan ANh,

everything is ok and I am happy to cooperate with you.


Wish you the best.

Tomas Palenik


Mr Tomas Palenik (08 Jul 2016)

Thank you so much for your quick work with this. Everything is correct. I am very excited to visit Vietnam and I appreciate your help with that.



Mr Timothy Francois Sazie Brown (10 Jul 2016)

Thanks for all your help.. I got your information from TripAdvisor 😀.

Looking forward to my holiday in Vietnam 😀😀


Ms Danae Bradford (11 Jul 2016)

Everything looks correct. Thank you so much for all of your help! 

Ms Julie Sandra Mittel (26 Jul 2016)


All the information is exact. Everything is now set up  for my trip to Vietnam!

Thank you for your excellent and quick service, I will definitely recommend your service to my friends in the future.

Have a good day,

Louis Boucher


Mr Louis Boucher (30 Jul 2016)

Dear Ms Lan ANh 

Thank you very much for sorting this for us. All infomation is correct.

Many thanks

Daivd Reeve


Mr Daivd Reeve (02 Aug 2016)

Thank you very much, Ms Lan ANh. 

I verified the details in the visa and all the informations are correct. 

Kind regards,

Fernanda Rezende Pabst


Ms Fernanda Rezende Pabst (01 Jan 2017)

Thank you very much! Everything looks good!



Dayna D. Landgrebe (05 Aug 2016)

Dear Ms Yen Ha,

Thank you very much for sending us the approval letter so quickly. I have checked the details and they are correct. We will print the letter and carry it with us when we travel to Vietnam.

Thank you for offering tour services.

We look forward to our trip to Vietnam!

Warm regards,



Mr. Bhuvan Dubey (23 Aug 2016)

Everything is fine. Thank you so much and best regards from Switzerland

Daniel Hess


Daniel Hess (27 Aug 2016)

Hello again Ms Yen Ha,

I have looked at he document and confirm all he details are correct. I looks perfect. Thank you for your attention to detail and the work you have done. 

Many thanks

Best wishes



Ashleigh Davies (01 Jan 2017)

 Confirming that the letter is correct. Thank you for your excellent service!

Mary Swerling


Ms. Mary Swerling (29 Aug 2016)

Thank  you for your excellent service!  The information is correct.  

Donna Kubik (15 Sep 2016)

Thank you so much! Everything looks perfect with the letter and I will contact you if we need help with a tour!

Angelique Kenney

Best regards,


Ms. Angelique Kenney (15 Sep 2016)