Dear Ms Lan

Received the details and hope all goes well




Mr Rahul Gaur (Indian) (04 Feb 2014)

Thanks for the approval letter.

We checked all the information and everything is correct. 


Tomas & Lizzy 


Mr Tomas & Mrs Lizzy (Netherlands) (12 Mar 2014)

Dear Ms Lan Anh. (.MS),

Thanks for the quick reply, and yes all the information are correct.

Thanks you very much


Roland Claus


Mr Roland Clauss (21 Mar 2014)

Thanks Lan!!! You're the best 😁. Have an awesome week rest of your life!! 😋



Mr Matthew Robert Gates (10 Apr 2014)

Thank you!

All is well that ends well. 


Bob Chames


Mr Robert Chames (29 Apr 2014)

Dear Ms Lan Anh,

Thank you for the information. I have checked the approval letter and can confirm it hereby.

Thank you for your kind help.

Best regards,

Clemens Possenig


Mr Clemens Possenig (30 Apr 2014)

Thank you,

All the information is correct!

Best wishes 



Ms Claudia Phoebe (03 May 2014)

Thanks Ms Lan ANh. Everything looks OK



Mr Karpe Rajeev (05 May 2014)

Thank you,

The information is correct. Thanks for all your help in the timeframe! 


Mr Neil Cavanagh (10 Jun 2014)

Hi there. Yes the details are all correct. Please advise if I print this letter or will you send me another one? 

Many thanks 



Ms Hannah Jane Chambers (08 Jul 2014)

Dear Sir,

Thanks so much for all your help, the information in the letter is correct. Very excited to be going to your beautiful country!

All the best,



Mr Miguel Jeronimo (27 Jul 2014)

Yes that is all correct! Thank you! 

Ms Ashleigh Wilson (19 Aug 2014)


Details are correct. Thank you...




Mr Robert Yap (20 Oct 2014)

Thank you so much for your promptness!

Kind regards,

Sam Palliser


Mr Samuel Palliser (02 Nov 2014)

I can confirm the information is correct.

Thank you!




Mr Garrett Mills (09 Nov 2014)

Thank you for the excellent service!

Mr Joel Angel (04 Dec 2014)

Dear Ms Lan,

Thank you for your service. Everything seems to be in order. I commend your office and will reccomend you to my friends.

Much appreciated

Kind Regards


Mr Jessie Leatherby (06 Dec 2014)

Good morning,

Everything is wright with my data!

Big thanks!


Ms Nika Los (25 Dec 2014)

Hi, and that thank you for your prompt attention. The information on the document looks good!

Best regards,



Mr Derek Kirk (03 Jan 2015)

Thanks!  Everything is confirmed!!  

Warm regards,

Bob Perkins


Mr Robert Mitchell (08 Feb 2015)