Hi Lan Anh
Thank you so very much for your professional service. All the information is correct. If I have any questions I hope I am welcomed to ask. Thank you again.

 Ronnica Smith

Ms. Ronnica Smith (08 Jun 2017)

Hi Lan Anh,

Everything is correct. Thank you so much for your help!

Makenzie Lennington

Mr Makenzie Lennington (08 Jun 2017)

Thank you Ms Lan Anh, the information is correct.

You were very helpful, thank you and have a nice weekend!


Ms. Caroline (02 Jun 2017)

Hello Ms. Anh,
The letter looks good.
Thank you,
Pascal Chabo

Mr. Pascal Chabo (31 May 2017)

Visa letter is fine and all details are okay.
Thank you

Ms. Hemangini (30 May 2017)

Thank you Lan
Just one more question - Do we need to take passport photo’s with us as well as the $25 USD per person?
I also do need train tickets as follows if you are able to give me a price.
SE1 – Hanoi – Hue - departs 1930 – arrives 0856+1
SE3 - Danang – HCMC – departs 1315 – arrives 0520
Soft Sleeper – we would like a private cabin for 3 people (so need to pay for 4)
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards

Ms Alison Christine Case (26 May 2017)

Thank you! The information is all correct. Have a great night.
Nanci Tischler

Ms Nanci Tischler (26 May 2017)

Looks great! Thank you very much!

Mr Zia Azim Verjee (25 May 2017)

Hi, how are you? We finally arrived. Everything went perfect at the airport wth the visa and the dog. Thank you, very much.

Mr Eric Perez (24 May 2017)

Thank You Ms. Lan Anh !

Mr Arun Manhapra (23 May 2017)

I can confirm the information looks good!
Many thanks,

Mr David John Fitzgerald (23 May 2017)

Dear Ms Lan Anh,
You have been recommended to me by one of your regular clients Trevor Lewis.
I need your urgent help please.

Mr Menezes Rayan (20 May 2017)

The information is correct on the letter.  So, just to confirm, for my specific Visa,  i should bring $25 USD cash to pay when i arrive at SGN correct?
Thank you!

Mr Justin Sai-Hung Ip (20 May 2017)

Yes, the information included in the PDF is correct. Thank you for your help.

Mr Garrett Lee Fisher (20 May 2017)

Dear Ms Lan Anh,
thank you very much!
Have nice day
Georgios Sandris

Georgios Sandris (19 May 2017)

Hello Ms Lan Anh
je reviens au Vietnam en décembre avec un ami français.
J’aurais besoin de deux lettres pour le visa
est-ce que je peux les commander par le website ?

Monsieur Jeannoutot Pierick (18 May 2017)

thank you for your service!

Ms Maja Buhrberg (18 May 2017)

Good Morning. Thank you for the copy of approval letter. I can confirm that all of the information is correct. Yous sincerely, Nicholas West.

Mr Nicholas West (07 May 2017)

Thank you so much Ahn. 😊 Kindest regards,

 Gary J Lee

Mr Gary J Lee (06 May 2017)

Good Morning,
The details seem to be okay.
Please do let me know in case you need anything else.
Thank you!
Arundhati Ramesh

Ms Arundhati Ramesh (25 Apr 2017)