The information is correct!
Thanks for your quick response!

Mr. Veerle (14 Feb 2017)

This is all correct thank you for prompt service!!
Amazing help and looking forward to visiting.

Many Thanks
Charley Adams-Fairhurst

Ms. Charley Adams-Fairhurst (10 Feb 2017)


I just want to confirm that the information on the Visa approval letter is correct.

Best regards.

Mr. Billy Brian (06 Feb 2017)

Dear Yen Ha

Thank you again for your quick and friendly service!
Kind regards

Ms. Lisa von Seth (02 Feb 2017)

Dear Ms. Hai Yen,

many thanks for the very fast service! Very happy to receive the approval letter in such a short time.
All info/ data has been checked and is correct for both of us.

Should there be any further questions I would happily contact you again.

With best regards,
Catherina Clostermann

Ms. Catherina Clostermann (23 Jan 2017)

Ms. Hai Yen,
This is to advise you that all the information on my Visa letter is correct.
Thank you for you help.
Stephanie Jean Lasley-Balch

Ms. Stephanie Jean Lasley-Balch (20 Jan 2017)

Good morning Yen

Thank you.
Everything is ok

Ms. Rebecca (14 Jan 2017)

Hi Hai Yen,

Thank you very much. All of the information on the letter is correct.

We appreciate your service


Ms. Jennifer Self (12 Jan 2017)

Hi Hai Yen,

Thank you!

Everything on the visa letter is accurate. 

Mr. Mathew Katz (26 Nov 2016)

Hi Hai Yen,

 Thank you for the letter. All of the information looks correct.

 Steve Thompson

Mr. Steven Thompson (21 Nov 2016)

Everything is fine, no correction required. 

Thank you and best regards

Achraf M'jahed

Envoyé de mon iPhone

Mr Achraf M'jahed (18 Nov 2016)

Dear Ms. Lan Anh,

Thank you for sending the revised visa approval letter.  I appreciate your assistance!

Kindest regards,

Janet Stiven

Ms Janet Stiven (18 Nov 2016)


Yes this is all correct information, thank you for your instructions and your updates.

Mr Matthew Russell Hewett (18 Nov 2016)

Dear Nguyen Minh

Thank you so much. Everything seems to be in order. Pleasure doing business.

I will recommend your services to my friends as well. 


Mr Sid Fadnis (18 Nov 2016)

Hi Ms Lan Anh,

Thank you for your help. I have applied for the tourist visa, 1 yr multiple entries with 8 hr delivery, waiting on email back now. Would like to have letter withing 24 hrs. Waiting on email back now from applying.

Thank you!

Mr Scott Powers (17 Nov 2016)

Hi Ms. Hai,

Thank you very much, the details are all confirmed from our side. Looking forward to the trip!

Mark van der Maas

Mr. Mark van der Maas (09 Nov 2016)

Thank you so much Hai Yen 

You have been very helpful 😊

My wife and I are very much looking forward to visiting your beautiful country 

Kind regards  
Patrick Redmond

Mr. Patrick Redmond (07 Nov 2016)

Everything is good. Thank you so much! - Michelle 


Ms Michelle Soto (25 Oct 2016)

Thank you very much Lan Anh.  You are so efficient.  I tried another visa application website before.  I must say I am very happy with your service.



Thank you, I have checked the details and they are correct.

Kind Regards, Caitlin

Ms Caitlin Willow Greyling (21 Oct 2016)