Dear Ms Lan Anh

Thank you very much for your kind assistance. I will be sure to recommend your organisation to anyone I meet who is travelling to Vietnam.

Best regards


Mr. Paul (15 Sep 2017)

Chao Lan Anh,

Cảm ơn sự giúp đỡ của cô nhe.

Thank you for helping me Lan.

Everything looks correct. I will download the letter and take all my documents with me

Have a great weekend.

​Cô Marilu​

Ms. Marilu Hernandez (15 Sep 2017)


Ok great, thank you Lan Anh.

 I'll be in touch if I have any more questions!

Mr. Elliot Barker (14 Sep 2017)


Hi Lan Anh,

The information below is correct. I’ll make sure I print the letter, have passport photos with me and $25 cash for visa stamp in Hanoi.

Thank you for your help!

Jonathan Fountain

Jonathan Fountain (13 Sep 2017)

Dear Ms Lan Anh

 Yes all the details are correct.

 Many thanks


Ms. Leona (09 Sep 2017)

Thank you for your quick response. Everything is correct.

 Many thanks


Ms. Leona (08 Sep 2017)

Hi Lan Anh,

Thank you for your prompt service. The details of the document are accurate.



Mr. Vignesh Vixter Manickam (08 Sep 2017)

Thank you very much for your cooperation and appreciate your prompt service


Mr. LLOYD SELVAN (07 Sep 2017)


Dear Lan,

Thank you and the details are correct.

Thanks again for your help.

Wai Wai

Ms. Wai Wai Lui (06 Sep 2017)

Hi Lan Anh,

 All seems to be right

Thank you very much :)

Mr. Ryan Watson (05 Sep 2017)


Hi Ms. Lan Anh, 

This looks good. Thank you!

Ms. Ankita Mahabir (01 Sep 2017)

Hey Ms. Lan,

Very good. I like your visa service. :>




Mr. John Ludwig (24 Aug 2017)

Hi Lan anh,

Just verified, details are Ok.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Mr. Prabheesh M (18 Aug 2017)


All well received - thanks !



Mr. Steve Albrecht (17 Aug 2017)

Thanks so much. All in order.

Look forward to contacting you again for my next trip.

Kind regards,

Trevor Lewis.

Mr. Trevor Lewis (15 Aug 2017)


Thank you So much Ms Lan, great service .

Thanks and regards

Mr Sofi Wasim Ahmad (14 Aug 2017)

Dear Lan,

Thank you so much for your email.
Unfortunately I booked everything, from internal flight to halong bay cruise and hotels, however, next time I will contact you for sure because your company has a very good customer service because of you.

Thank you again


Mr. Wael Mati (14 Aug 2017)

Hello Ms. Anh

That’s all fine – thanks for your help with this
Instructions are very clear
Keep well.

Best Wishes & Kind Regards,
Neil Kilah  Justice of the Peace (Qual)

Mr. Neil Kilah (09 Aug 2017)

Hi lan anh,
Well received with thanks.


Ms. Paige Boehmcke (09 Aug 2017)


The information is correct. Many thanks for the quick service.


Mr. Douglas Jennings (08 Aug 2017)