Hi Lan Anh, 

Thank you for the best service everything went well

Ms. Kowsar Khan (28 Dec 2017)

Dear Ms. Lan Anh,

I have reviewed the document and all information is correct and in good order.

Thank you very much for your prompt attention and expeditious handling of my request.

I very much appreciate your help and wish you a very Happy and Lucky New Year!

Best Regards,

Francisco Odsinada Olivo Jr

Mr. Frank Olivo (27 Dec 2017)

Cam on Ms Lan Anh,

Invitation letter is well received!

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards / Trân trọng / 祝你幸福

Mr. Antanas Rinkunas (27 Dec 2017)


Thanks Ms Lan Anh,

I will soon print it out. Thanks for getting a new approval letter.

Happy holidays.

Best regards,


Ms. Karen (26 Dec 2017)


Just received it, thanks a lot for your help!


Dear Ms Odile Marie J Wittemans, (22 Dec 2017)

Good day,

Thank you I have received the document .

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Mr. Richard Kumm (1) (20 Dec 2017)

Hi Ms Lan Anh

Thank you so much for all the assistance. Details are correct

Hope you have a great week

Kind regards


Ms. Jaime (14 Dec 2017)


Thankyou very much the details are correct.

Mr. Machaon Smeaton (09 Dec 2017)


Dear Lan Anh,

 Thanks for sending through. All looks correct.

 Cheers Stu

Ms. Stuart Mosman (08 Dec 2017)


Hi Ms. Anh,

 These details look good to me! Thank you for the detailed instructions as to next steps.

 All the best,

Bethany Betzler

Ms. Bethany Betzler (06 Dec 2017)

Hi Ms. Lan Anh,

All details are correct. Thank you very much for the support.



Mr. Ramkumar (05 Dec 2017)


Hi Ms Lan Anh,

Thank you for the document.


Mr. Balaram (04 Dec 2017)



Yes all the information looks correct.

Thank you!


Mr. Kyle Rolofson (04 Dec 2017)

All info is correct.

Thank you again for your great service.

Always great.

Thank you,


Mr. Oliver Dixon (29 Nov 2017)


Many thanks for the help.

The information on the letter is correct.

Kind regards,


Mr. Servet Nadirler (27 Nov 2017)

Good Morning,

All is excellent - thank you for great service :)

Mr. Georges Farah (23 Nov 2017)

It looks good.  Thank you very much!


Mr. Mark Wong (21 Nov 2017)

Dear Ms Lan,

Thank you very much for the fast service.

Joerg Kullwitz

Mr. Joerg Kullwitz (21 Nov 2017)

Hi Lan,

Thank you, all information are correct.



Ms. Elaine de Leon (21 Nov 2017)


Dear Ms Lan Anh,

I have received the letter and all the details are correct.



Ms. Natalie Williams (16 Nov 2017)