That is impossible. You just can come on the date fixed or after that. 

Due to your country policy, We could not make a visa approval letter if you fly from China mainland. However, if you fly from other countries, I can help you to get a visa.

That is better. In case you cannot print the visa approval letter, you can show them via ipad, iphone or mobile and so on.

You can bring others currency moneys in cash but to be more confortable & smooth,  you should prepare in USD (cash) before. 

For few nationalities, please scan passport and send for us via email.

That is Indian, South African, Israel, China, and Egypt.

They’ll have a visa approval letter with family or other groups 

You can write one of these names of your hotel or any address (hotel) in Vietnam where you will stay there

Please apply the information of all applicants. You don’t need a separate form.

No problem. We noted well the full name, the birthday, passport number & nationality of each person (in your family) on the same visa approval letter. 

  • A Single entry visa, that means you arrive in Vietnam one time then exit.
  • A Multiple entries visa, that means you arrive in Vietnam from 2 times. 

That is the fee which you pay for Vietnam immigration officers at international airport on arrival to get a visa.


  • Visa single entry for 1 month or 87 days single entry: 25US$.
  • Visa multiple entries for 1month (staying 30days) or 87 days mutiple entries: 50US$.

In this case, please go to Vietnam Embassy to check more information. We couldn’t do the visa approval letter when your passport has expired.

You just exit of airport in Vietnam after you have a visa. That means you’ll meet the Vietnam immigration officers. 

On the visa approval letter, they only write “Mrs or Mr”, that is no problem.

You’ll save time on arrival & that is quick to get a visa.