What is a visa code?

The Vietnam Visa Code is a legal procedure for issuing visas. It’s a simple solution to get a visa if you come by land or by sea. As for the Visa on Arrival procedure, you just need to give us your information and we take care of everything. The difference is that you’ll receive a visa approval code by email, and then you’ll bring this code & your passport to the Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate to get a visa before your departure for Vietnam.

How it works?

After receiving your application form completed, we’ll work with the Vietnam Immigration Office to obtain your Visa Approval Code.  While we forward you the visa code by email, the Immigration Office will also fax it to the embassy or consulate that you have chosen in advance. Then go to the embassy or the consulate with your Visa Approval Code and passport to get a visa.

About fee, first, you pay for us the service fee to get the Vietnam visa code. Second, you go to Vietnam embassy or the consulate in your country and pay for them the stamping & service fee.

We advise you go to the embassy or the consulate to get your visa about 2 days after receiving your Visa Approval Code because they need time to check your information with the Vietnam Immigration Office.

How can I get my visa?

Step 1: Apply online your information and inform us the Embassy of Vietnam which you choice
Step 2: Pay the service fee and receive your Visa Approval code.
Step 3: Bring your code and your passport to the Embassy
Step 4: Pay the stamping fee + service fee and get a visa


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